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  • Plagiarism report - Before & After
  • Rewriting & Rephrasing
  • Similarity reduction
  • Editing Certificate
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    Plagiarism Removal
  • Plagiarism report - Before & After
  • Rewriting & Rephrasing
  • Similarity reduction
  • Editing Certificate
  • Plagiarism Edit Sample Get Instant Quote


    What is plagiarism removal service?

    Are you concerned that your manuscript will be rejected because of plagiarism or a high similarity score? We use industry-leading plagiarism checker software such as Turnitin and Plagiarism Checker X to perform extensive plagiarism checks. Our manuscript editors reduce plagiarism percentage by rewriting, paraphrasing, and editing the document.

    We use top plagiarism checker software to ensure that our results are accurate. When you choose the Plagiarism Editing service, you will receive a free plagiarism check. Before and after the plagiarism check, you will receive a plagiarism report.

    What does Plagiarism Editor do?

    Plagiarism Removal Tasks Editing Details
    Similarity Check
  • Using industry-leading plagiarism checker, editor generates similarity report.
  • The similarity report shows the percentage of similarity with other sources
  • Senior Editor Consulting
  • Based on the plagiarism report, the manuscript editor consults with senior editor for rephrasing and rewriting approach
  • Rephrasing & Rewriting
  • The manuscript editor rewrites the plagiarised sections by referring to the Plagiarism report
  • Care is taken not to change the meaning of the author’s message

  • Technical Content Accuracy
  • Correct usage of technical terms
  • Appropriate unit and measurements
  • Accuracy in nomenclature

  • Content Logical Flow & Structure
  • Check logical flow of sentences and paragraphs Rearrange sections where necessary
  • Check relevancy of section vs content
  • Presentation of content
  • Whether headings and titles relate to content
  • Each section has right amount of content
  • Reduce redundancy
  • Enhance content
  • Clear writing, remove ambiguity
  • Eliminate superfluous words
  • Remove gaps in writing
  • Why customers choose our Plagiarism Removal & Editing service?

    PhD Editors

    Our Plagiarism editors are qualified PhD,  earned certificate in English editing or native English editors.

    About our Editors

    Best Price

    We offer the best plagiarism removal rates online. Our prices are local but quality standard is international

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    Editing Certificate

    We provide English editing certificate accepted by leading international journals, after editing is complete.

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    Secure & Confidential

    Your documents are stored in secure systems and payment handled by leading payment gateways.

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    Plagiarism Removal & Editing reviews

    I really thank the editors of the content concepts team for a wonderful job they do. Being a doctor who got away with a few publications, I am highly pleased with their professional and prompt work. The work is of international standard and importantly, the concept is unchanged, even with major english corrections. Please continue to support them for carrrying out this marvellous job.
    Santha Kumar
    Santha Kumar
    1. August, 2020.
    I am pleased with the service you provided for me. The edits were very professional, comprehensive and cohesive to the point. As a reader’s perspective, changes really lifted the quality of the manuscript without shedding of its core meanings. We honestly thank you, for your comments, excellent edits and dedicated support.
    Yuvaraj Sambandam
    Yuvaraj Sambandam
    5. May, 2020.
    Very well organized and authentic proof reading and editing services.Timely govern with valuable input improved the writing material.
    uttam kumar
    uttam kumar
    25. April, 2020.
    Very efficient and timely service. Optimum combination of quality and speed of delivery. Fully satisfied as a customer.
    Sujit Sekhar Maharana
    Sujit Sekhar Maharana
    25. April, 2020.
    The copy editing service provided by ContentConcepts is great and very professional. They have edited many manuscripts for me and my colleagues, and more than 90% of the edited manuscripts have been published in international refereed journals. As an experienced researcher with prolific publications, I find their editing service is realy helpful to improve the quality of the manusript. They not only edit writing style or language, but also provide constructive feedback and useful comments, which are not commonly provided by other copy editing services. I really trust their service as they are reliable, efficient, professional and quick turnaroud. I highly recommend their service to academics or researchers who would like to have their manuscripts copy edited as it certainly improve the quality of writing and increase the chance of being accepted for publication.
    Zhonghua Sun
    Zhonghua Sun
    25. April, 2020.
    My colleague suggested ContentConcepts for editing my research papers. They polish the paper with their awesome editing skills that is fat better than the editing services in the UK or US. You should use it to believe what I say. Thank you Contentconcepts, your team is amazing.
    Dr S K
    Dr S K
    23. April, 2020.
    One of the best editing services in my experience and also the editing price is very good especially by PhD editors. I recommended ContentConcepts to my colleagues and they use regularly
    Steve Mcdermot
    Steve Mcdermot
    23. April, 2020.
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    Plagiarism Removal & Editing service – How to order your job?

    Upload Manuscript

    Go to our Get Quote link, upload your manuscript and select the service you want. This will show you price and delivery details.

    Create Account

    After manuscript upload, you need to create user account so that you can use it next time to upload documents and make payment.

    Pay & Download

    After user account creation, you can pay via our payment gateway. Once the editing is complete you will get a notification to download.

    Plagiarism Removal & Editing process

    Step 1: Similarity check using industry’s best plagiarism check tool

    First we start with checking your paper/manuscript/thesis for similarity

    • We use industry-leading plagiarism checker tools such as Turnitin, Plagiarism CheckerX
    • You will get plagiarism report before starting plagiarism as well as after removing plagiarism
    • Plagiarism report shows text that are similar with different colour codes
    • Plagiarism editor refers to the plagiarism report for further editing and rephrasing
    • Please note we work only on self-plagiarised content and unintentional plagiarism.
    Plagiarism removal sample

    Step 2: Editing by subject-specific editor to reduce similarity and improve clarity of the manuscript

    After plagiarism report is generated, it shows the similarity percentage. The subject-specific editor will refer to the plagiarism report and work on your manuscript to

    • Reduce similarity by rephrasing and rewriting
    • Eliminate errors in the grammar, punctuation
    • Avoid mistakes in the spelling or usage of technical terms
    • Remove incorrect verb tenses, articles, and commas
    • Ensure overall structure of the paper, tone and section transition
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