Jack CLARITY Editing is about removing ambiguity . Got questions?
We are here to clarify and make things simple and easy for you.
CLARITY Editing is about removing ambiguity . Got questions?
We are here to clarify and make things simple and easy for you.

What/Who is Editics?

Editics is a new-age English editing service started by a mixed groups of academic, IT and business experts with good experience in English language editing for the academic and business groups. Editics offers premium English editing and proofreading services at the best rates online. We believe honest and good service will get and retain customers.

How do I get started?

Please click the Upload Document button on the top or anywhere on the website. You can enter the wordcount, select the service required, view the editing price and then upload the document by creating user account.

What are the major services offered by Editics?

Our major service is English language editing and proofreading. Our customers include academic and business groups that need manuscript editing, thesis editing, dissertation editing, English proofreading of business and corporate documents, general proofreading, etc.

What is the cost of editing?

Proofreading and editing prices depend on word count and the level of editing you select. Please check the editing rates here and get instant quote for your document by uploading your document here

who will edit my document?

We have expert editors for each subjects. For example if your paper or document is related to medicine, we send it to medical editors who have solid experience in editing medical papers. Similarly we have biotech editors, business editors, technology editors, data science editors among several other subject editors. Check our list of editors here

Is my document safe with you?

Definitely. Editics website is developed with superior technology and is most secure. We handle both your documents and payment in the most safe way and we are serious about it.

How do I make the payment?

We have integrated our payment system with the top payment provider to provide you safe way to make the payment. After you upload the document, you can pay via the payment gateway using you bank account or credit card or any other wallets or UPI.

How long it takes to edit my document?

Editing time depends on the wordcount and the type of service you have selected. Usually we return the document in 2-3 days for documents that range from 2000-5000 words. For documents, more than 5000 words, it takes one day more. When you upload the document, you can see the estimated delivery date also. Please check more details on our pricing page.

How do I know which editing level is correct for my document?

Most of the documents needs Substantive Editing service in our experience. Proofreading is recommended only if your document is already edited or if you are a good writer and only need grammar and spell check.

Our Quality Guarantee

We assure you that your document will not be rejected on the basis of English language. We have a 3-level editing process that ensures your document is clear, concise and complete and communicates the right message to the target audience.

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