Our Editors

Our editors have PhD with certified editing skills, and several years of experience editing for international journals such as Springer, Elsevier, Nature, etc. Our proofreaders are highly trained in academic proofreading.
manuscript editor for research papers

Jeanne Munro

Senior Editor - Humanities

Jeanne holds an MA in English. She designed and taught basic English classes at the university level for two years. For the past five years, she has specialized as a manuscript editor for research papers in Humanities and Busniess.

Dr Caroline Wilhelm

Principal Editor - Bio & Medicine

Dr Caroline gained extensive writing and editing experience from her 20-year career as a scientist at a leading biotechnology lab in the US. She has written and edited many types of academic documents, from research proposals to regulatory documents. She is our best medical editor for medical manuscript editing.

Sam Mukund

Business Editor

Sam is an acclaimed academic editor, writer, and reviewer who has published 20+ papers and has edited many articles for high impact journals in Business and Management. Sam is our leading manuscript editor for business documents.

Patricia Ward

Chief Editor - Bio/Medicine

With Ph.D. in Molecular biology and 20+ years of experience in medical editing, was a member of the editorial board for various international journals. She thrives on the unique challenge of making the true meaning of every medical document she receives shine through in the clearest and most concise manner.

business document editor

David Miller

Business & Digital Editor

PhD in Marketing and 15+ years of experience, editing business documents, white papers and executive communications. He has developed exceptional attention to detail, honed through his previous career as a professional musician. This skill has saved his many and repeat clients valuable time and spared them from embarrassment by ensuring that errors are eliminated and top-quality revisions are delivered.

technology document editor

Ross Taylor

Technology Editor

Meet our Technology Editor, a Certified Technical Writer and Editor from Caltech. With over 20 years of experience in the field he has honed his skills working with renowned firms such as EBSCO Publishing, Inc., IBM Corebank International Center, and WSI Internet Consulting and Education as a writer. You can trust him to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your technical writing and editing needs.

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