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English Editing Services – Ordering & Editing Process

One of our main goals is to keep the ordering process very simple and provide a good user experience to our customers using the website. We have made the ordering process as simple as possible. However, our editing process is very comprehensive. It is a three-step process at Editics, where native-English editors, PhD editors and proofreaders work on their topic-specific thesis to deliver a high-quality thesis that will help you submit your thesis without any English language issues.

Ordering Process – How to order?

Upload Document

Go to Upload Document, and select the service you want. This will show you price and delivery details.

Register Account

After document upload, you can view the editing price. You need to create user account before making the payment.

Pay & Download

After you make the payment, your account page will be created. Once the editing is complete you will get a notification to download.

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What does our English Language Editor do?

Step 1: Comprehensive English editing – Structure, clarity, concise and complete content

We assign your manuscript or document to the English language editor who is familiar with your subject. The editor corrects the following:

  • Errors in the grammar, punctuation
  • Mistakes in the spelling or usage of technical terms
  • Incorrect verb tenses, articles, and commas
  • Issues in Referencing or formatting according to the APA, Chicago, IEEE, and other styles
  • Overall structure of the paper, tone and section transition
Manuscript Editing Sample

Step 2: Proofreading by another proofreader to ensure accuracy, consistency and typo-free thesis

The proofreader checks grammar, spelling and ensures consistency in the usage of words, and English versions (British/US ). The proofreader ensures your document is clean and the content is consistent so that the communication is clear and complete.

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