Dissertation Editing

Sweatshirt Dissertation Editing
  • Submit completed work with confidence
  • Clear, concise and better readability
  • Native-English & PhD Editors
  • Best editing price & service
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    Dissertation Editing
  • Submit completed work with confidence
  • Clear, concise and better readability
  • Native-English & PhD Editors
  • Best editing price & service
  • Editing Samples Get Instant Quote

    What is dissertation editing?

    Thesis editing is a three-step process at Editics, where native-English editors, PhD editors and proofreaders work on their topic-specific thesis to deliver a high-quality thesis that will help you submit your thesis without any English language issues.

    Guarantee: We guarantee your thesis will not be rejected for issues in grammar and English language.

    What does Dissertation Editor do?

    Editing Task Performed Editing Details
    English & Grammar Check
  • Sentence structure, English word choice, clarity, tone, voice, and redundant words.
  • American/British English, capitalization, hyphenation, headings, numbering style, abbreviations
  • Consistency & Style
  • Writing style suitable for the publisher, consistency in punctuation, numbering, data consistency in Figures and Tables
  • Technical Content Accuracy
  • Correct usage of technical terms
  • Appropriate unit and measurements
  • Accuracy in nomenclature

  • Content Logical Flow & Structure
  • Check logical flow of sentences and paragraphs Rearrange sections where necessary
  • Check relevancy of section vs content
  • Presentation of content
  • Whether headings and titles relate to content
  • Each section has right amount of content
  • Reduce redundancy
  • Enhance content
  • Clear writing, remove ambiguity
  • Eliminate superfluous words
  • Remove gaps in writing
  • Formatting
  • Manuscript formatting according to journals
  • APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian formatti
  • Why customers choose our Dissertation Editing service?

    PhD Editors

    Our thesis editors are qualified PhD,  earned certificate in English editing or native English editors.

    About our Editors

    Best Price

    We offer the best thesis editing rates online. Our prices are local but quality standard is international

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    Editing Certificate

    We provide English editing certificate accepted by leading international journals, after editing is complete.

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    Secure & Confidential

    Your documents are stored in secure systems and payment handled by leading payment gateways.

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    Dissertation editing service – How to order your job?

    Upload Thesis

    Go to our Get Quote link, upload your thesis and select the service you want. This will show you price and delivery details.

    Register & Pay

    After dissertation upload, you need to create user account so that you can use it next time to upload documents and make payment.

    Pay & Download

    After user account creation, you can pay via our payment gateway. Once the editing is complete you will get a notification to download.

    Dissertation editing process

    Step 1: Comprehensive thesis editing – Structure, clarity, concise and complete content

    We assign your thesis to the thesis editor who is familiar with your subject. The editor corrects the following:

    • Errors in the grammar, punctuation
    • Mistakes in the spelling or usage of technical terms
    • Incorrect verb tenses, articles, and commas
    • Issues in Referencing or formatting according to the APA, Chicago, IEEE, and other styles
    • Overall structure of the paper, tone and section transition
    Manuscript Editing Sample

    Step 2: Proofreading by another proofreader to ensure accuracy, consistency and typo-free thesis

    The thesis proofreader checks grammar, spelling and ensures consistency in the usage of words, and English version (British/US ). The proofreader ensures your thesis is clean and the content is consistent so that the communication in the thesis is clear and complete.

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